"Bulgarian Rhythms" Association

The "Bulgarian Rhythms Association" in Vienna is a community open to all people willing to learn, disseminate and preserve the Bulgarian folk dances, songs, and traditions. In the variety of our activities everyone can find their place for an individual development and opportunities to perform, as well as for making new friends.

that includes the ensemble "Kitka", folk songs choir, and the group for performing a Bulgarian tradition called "Kukeri".

We offer:

  • Courses for Bulgarian folk dances and songs for beginners and advanced;
  • Stage performances of the folklore ensemble "Kitka";
  • Stage performances of the children’s groups;
  • Programs for private parties and celebrations.

Despite the structure of the association (chair, leadership committee and groups’ leaders) we rely that every member contributes to the development of our organization with their talents and ideas for improvements.

  • Volunteering and genuine help for the development for the organization;
  • Hospitality, continuation and unity;
  • Support, respect, and trust in each other.
  • Preserving the Bulgarian spirit and connection with our homeland through activities and lessons in group settings, as well as through events connected with the Bulgarian traditions;
  • Disseminating the Bulgarian culture in Austria and other countries through organizing and participating in folklore events and being present in social media;
  • Health care through exercise with Bulgarian music;
  • Social belonging and friendships;
  • Fun and good mood.


In 2004 two Bulgarians motivated by the love they shared for Bulgarian folklore, spontaneously decided to organise their own group. This is the foundation of the Vienna non-professional folkloric group "KITKA" which today unites over 30 members with various professions and a common passion - to learn and make popular the Bulgarian folkloric dances.

Despite the non-professional character of the group, it manages with increased popularity to gradually find its way to the heart and the soul of the Bulgarian community in Vienna . The broad variety of dances combined with the skills of the dancers resulted in numerous invitations for participation in various cultural events and shows . The success was enormous and the newly formed at that time group "KITKA" had already taken part in many events.

The group started to spontaneously gather with families and acquaintances for traditional Bulgarian celebrations which are always marked by enthusiasm, dances and laughter.

In our Bulgarian dance courses we learn the most popular Bulgarian dances (hora) from all regions of Bulgaria. The groups are led by experienced teachers who take into consideration the abilities of the participants – the groups are leveled into beginners, intermediate and advanced. The courses take place in Vienna.

The dance classes take place in a joyful, fun and enthusiastic atmosphere created by people who are united by the native Bulgarian folklore.

"Bulgarian rhythms" don’t involve only dancing – it is not possible to dance without the magic of the music. A Bulgarian proverb "Those who sing can’t think evil" is not just a saying. In 2013 a group for authentic Bulgarian singing was created. It is led by Maria Topeva – a professional singer for many years at the state ensemble for folk songs and dances in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

The style of singing is authentic and resembles a tradition called "sedianka" that united communities and people of all ages in Bulgaria into an improvised music festival. The polyphonic in our music is based on equality of the voices, which is also the aim of the choir "Kitka".

2014 is the first year when the group performed on stage led by Penio Stefanov – it is a unique group, perhaps the only one outside of Bulgaria. Kukeri are men dressed like monsters or cultural personas who dance on the streets to get rid of the bad and to attract fertility and health.

In order to ensure that our traditions are transferred to the future generations, in 2016 our association welcomed children ages 4 to 14 some of them born in Austria and experience the Bulgarian folklore for the first time. The groups are led by Diana Stoeva who practices with the children various dances and the choreography suitable for their age.

The children performed on stage in their first year and their popularity got them invitations for many other events. Our children attract the Bulgarian and international audience with their enthusiasm and skillful performances.

The "Bulgarian rhythms" association’s priority is to acknowledge as many Bulgarian holidays and traditions as possible. Being away from the homeland we seek to create a warm atmosphere of shared food and good mood, singing and dancing our favorite melodies.


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